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So I’m 15 1/2 and I’m one of the oldest people in my grade but I feel the youngest. I have some darkened pubic hair and I’ve noticed some small fine hairs under my armpit like 6 months ago but they haven’t grown. I have some hair on my upper lip but u have to be looking for it to see it because it’s very blond (I am blond btw). Recently I have had both of my nipples get this bump under it and it hurts a little when I put pressure on it. When I ejaculate it’s a clear sticky fluid and it’s not white and it’s not that much of it. I had gotten some voice cracks every once and a while. I am very embarrassed that I am the oldest but look and feel the youngest. I feel like I have stopped developing. Please help me.


Hi Guest

It sounds like for the most part you are developing just as you should be.
With having blond hair it will take a bit longer for body hair to darken and become more noticeable.

your voice is starting to change as well so soon enough it will become deeper.
It is perfectly normal for it to be clear and sticky and a small amount if your masturbating a lot that could be why it is clear and there is not much that comes out.

Puberty can stall or slow down but you are developing normally.
Some of your friends and classmates might be ahead of you but your well on your way too the only thing you need is more time to grow and develop.
The changes your concerned about will happen it just takes time.