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I feel really awkward talking about this I am morbidly obese (330 pounds) which probably factors into this but I am 6 ft 1 inch (and still growing just not as much as I hit basically my major growth spreg) I have a big build wide shoulders big hands / feet but my voice and penis hasn’t changed what so ever I got pubes a lot, got a pretty moderate amount of leg hair some black and some blonde I am getting itzy bitzy black hairs above my top lip (kind of forming like a weak version of a pedophile mustache lol) and I got not really any arm hair I got armpit hair but really not a lot but somehow my penis hasn’t really grown (I can ejaculate perfectly and have a full on oragasm really didn’t want to add that int9 this but I have to.)

and my voice still sounds the same when I was like 12/13 it really puts a toll on me because I sound like a little girl that is 6 ft 1. It seems like the rest of my puberty process really has went kind of in like slow motion ever so  slightly something really really really really small changes about me like I  am growing a little bit of hair under my belly now. I just wanna know if like I am ok (even if there is something wrong with me I will still probably won’t go to the doctor because I have fears of diseases and surgery and have mild panic attack when I hear about diseases and surgery) I also have adhd and other mental stuff but don’t think it links with puberty.  Sorry this sh*t is long and my grammar is aids.



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Hey Frizen,


First off no need to feel ackward there are plenty of guys with the exact same concerns as you and they are just fine.  It sounds like you are progressing through puberty normally. Everyone develops at different rates, some people voices get deep before they get any pubic or underarm hair while others get most of their hair before their voice changes...... also remember some people voices get lower than others (that's why there are different categories in choir when people sing (soprano, alto, baritone, treble, bass ect).   you should be fine if you are patient.  Unfortunatly you forgot to include the biggest part of your question.... your penis size..... both flaccid and erect.....   I am sure your weight is playing a major factor in your perception of your size.... if you push in the fat around your penis and flatten it to your body you will probably see that your penis is longer than you think.......