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Hi I am 15 years old and basically bearly started puberty. I had pubic hair since I was like 11 I have still since then but like a lot but not very dense much, my voice has changed a bit and normally when I master bate there’s a clear liquid drops and when I tried today it was like a dribble still clear is this normal? From what I heard it’s like to post to shoot out for me it’s drops or like a lot just dribbles off my tip, my tip is also like sensitive for a few minutes is this normal? I also have like 30 armpit hair seems like for me I seek smaller and have higher pitched voice then others is this normal?


Hi Dave,

Not all guys "shoot" when they ejaculate.  Many guys just ooze or drip.  It's NORMAL.  If you don't masturbate often OR if you "edge" (build up semen before ejaculation) you'll ejaculate more and may "shoot."

The tip being sensitive is NORMAL.

Not all 15 year olds have armpit hair.  It often comes in later - 16 or later.

You are NORMAL sir.  Hope it helps.