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im almost 16 and my voice hasn’t deepend yet. I have pubic hair that has gotten dark and long but not curly and my voice sometimes goes from high to low. I get occasional voice cracks like once every two weeks. Last week I noticed that my nipples have like these buds under them and they hurt a little when pressured. I have no armpit hair just little white hairs that u can’t notice. I am around 5’ 8”. I produce a clear fluid and not that much it’s not white. I just want to know how far I am in puberty and how long it will take for my voice to change.


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Hey there so you are in the earlier-middle stages of puberty, its hard to say when your voice will change because everyone develops differently at different rates. because your voice is starting to crack I would immagine it shouldnt be too much longer before it starts to drop. probably with in the next 6-12 months but again its hard to predict.... just hand in there and let puberty take its course. you will be fine :)