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Hi. My child had another seizure. He suffers from epilepsy. He has frequent drop seizures and, after the first one, I gave him a helmet to wear, to protect his head. What is causing all these seizures?


Hi. Abnormal electrical discharges in the brain are causing the seizures. However, some medical problems can be the cause of seizures as well, such as low blood sugar, infections, a head injury, poisoning, or drug overdose. Brain tumor and a sudden lack of oxygen to the brain can also be the cause of his problem. In some cases, the cause remains unknown. My brother had a seizure and the cause was never found. Unprovoked seizures are associated with epilepsy and seizure disorders, while provoked seizures are not.


)These seizures can be instigated by several inpulses : abnormal sensitivity to light, smells, touch, sounds, stress (being scared by other ppll can cause attacks) poisoning, low oxygen levels, low bloodsugar, high bloodsugar, medication, fever, drugs (both medication and illegal substances) wrong amounts of salt-ions in the blood (to high or low potasium (K+)) or other external or internal factors causing stress. It can be caused by several sydromes, as a result of damage due to concussions, TIA's, Strokes, skullfractures or other damage to the spine and brain. Brain cancer often causes epilepsy which often spinns out of control, I saw this happen to a nephew of my wife. When the checked his brain the found metstased cancer and he died few months afterwards being kept in a coma because of permanent sezing the last 3 weeks of his life. It was a horrific experience to all involved, he was only 25...
Or it might be he's too tired sometimes.

Personally I cannot bear lightflashes, irregular sleeping or being overly tired, to little sugar, and lastly stress.

Some ppl also suffer from psychological seizures, they freeze up due to fobias and get seizures due to their stress.

It is very difficult to say what triggers epilepsy, but when it is triggered it causes spontanious discharge of neurons in a specific area (partial epilepsy) or in the whole brain (generalised epilepsy). The functionality of the affected region can explain the type of attack, but not always. The frequency of attacks inpartially linked with the type of attacks but people can have hundreds of absences a day, several dozen myoclonic attacks, several partial complex attacks or a couple of tonic clonic seizures. There are attack wich last only seconds (mostly absences) and there are attacks wich could theoretically not stop if a human body could withstand them (Status Epilepticus).

Generally speaking most attacks pose no risk of death, though some series, and cluster attacks could stress the body to much. A Status Epilepticus is always a risk to the life of the person suffering the attack, It will only stop after the person reaches a full state of unconsiousness or succesfull use of an seizure inhibitor . Generally pilepsy can be a problem for children due to misunderstanding and bullying. Absences will cause moments of temporary unconsiousness impairing the learning of an affected child, parial complex seizures leave someone unable to plan his actions and for these people being on automatic pilot once everywhile can pose a problem while engaging in traffic or using public transport... (missing stops, or just wandeing off into traffic).

Tonic-clonic attacks can pose a problem when cycling, (though a friend of mine cycled the to Santiago de Compostella (Spain) from the Netherlands (he's suffering TC attacks as well)) In all cases A Helmet is a good idea if your kid suffers attacks regularly during the day. It's a potential lifesaver when cycling. Buy Him an automatic Lifejacket when going near the water, be certain it auto-rotates your child and when anything happens in water have a physician check hime out for potential water in the lungs, fresh being the source of bacteria, salt being just damaging to the lungs...

I used to row internationally and still row singles but no longer competitevely. I do not close my shoes and always wear a vest. I always notify ppl at the rowing club, and lifeguards at pools and seashores about my condition. I still do a lot and trust myself. If your son has problems feeling attacks coming up, you mighht want to consider and epilepsy dog (trained dog who can warn ppl and carryy medication.) My own dog warns me 15-25 minutes in advance... and he has no training whatsoever. he comes up to me and lies down on my feet. I notices it only after 3 or 4 instances. but he still retains this trait. I myself only notice 30sec-2min ahead max.

I hope deep deep down your child will gor over his problems and has a nice life afterwards, a lot of children never manifest epilepsy attacks after puberty anymore. unfortunately if he still retains them he could live to be very old in that case with epilepsy. sometimes parkinson and /or dementia can cure epilepsy due to degeneration of the epileptic starting point of the brain. but that swaps out 1 bad thing for another....

I hop he grows over it very fast and has a long and productive life, I wish you well. And having one type doesnt mean you will have any attack of another type, unless pplare playing with their medication of doctorś swap medication.... so good luck and keep the faith.