Hi there,

So i haven't really spoken about this before, but here goes.

So i'm a type 1 diabetic, and have been since 2001, always having check ups, everything is great health wise, blood sugar levels are always good, BMI is great as well, and i'm always feeling healthy i guess.

Basically, I've got a girlfriend and we've been together for a while now, however we've just started to move things on to sex. Unfortunately, every time it comes down to actually penetrating, i always seem to be barely semi, and it just goes soft, and i just can't go through

I've noticed even when masturbating, i still can't get really hard, it's just stuck at a semi, and i honestly don't know what to do. Should i try viagra? Is there any operations or surgery that can help? 

And another problem is that, i do have really tight foreskin, like i can't even get it over my head hardly, i've been stretching overtime with it, but it still always reverts back to normal, i just seem to have a lot of problems...