Hello , I'm 22 years old , my boyfriend and I are not actively preventing nor are we really trying to conceive. In July I put my self on the depo shot, which maid me bleed 3 weeks on one week offfor 3 months, then in November I had my period and spotted a couple days after . ( be for the shot I was regular with a 30 day cycle) I am now 25 days late (based on a 30 day cycle ) and today a very light brown discharge has started . I have also had mild cramps for going on three weeks now and my stomach feels very tight and even more so when I have to go number one or two, it feels like I have absolutely now room ( I weigh 115 and 5 ' 4" ). Also for the past 3 day (the first two the worst ) I have been very sick to my stomach, it comes in waves . I really don't know what to think at this point, I have had one miscarriage before and the test showed up negative right around that time. I guess what I'm saying , I'm scared the test are wronge yet again. Let me know what u think