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My boyfriend is 23 yrs old we been together for about 3 months we had sex for the first time 2 weeks ago and a week later his left testicle got swollen and is very sensitive to any feeling he don't even wanna have sex because the pain is too much for him. If it rolls around or he touchs it it hurts even when he sits down he complains its swollen and red is this something I have to worry about? Oh and btw we wwnt 2 the clinic and they said they could do any test on him and sent us to another doctor but he doesn't have insurance... what do we do has anybody had this problem? Could it be from condoms?


My first thought was that it might be a torsion, or a rotation of the testicle that can be extremely painful.

Second, perhaps it's a mild infection that he's disturbed through vigorous sex.

but I'm open to any other opinions.... Guys??? 8-|