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Hello all I am new to this forum due to the fact that I need help.

I am going to try to be as detailed as possible in which then I hope I will be able to know whats wrong with me

I am an 18 Year Old male, 176cm and 63kg. I have been experiencing left testicle pain only for the past two months and I would say it has been gradually pain. My left testicle is smaller than my right testicle and I have noticed that my testicle has been getting smaller gradually or I could be getting paranoid. In the past two months I have noticed that veins have been showing on my left side that I have not noticed in the past. some times the testicle hangs lower than my right ( like its only hanging there from the scrotum pouch) and some times it hangs higher.. i dont know if that would have any thing due to the hydrocele i have. (explained below)

I had an ultrasound a month ago as I thought it could be varicocele but test showed no varicocele was present just a bit or hydrocele with the GP told me there is nothing to worry about. I still complained of this dull pain with didn’t go away so he said “ could be an infection” so proscribed Bactrim DS and replied come back if the pain continued. I felt that every thing was ok and with the proscribed medication that it would go away. I had a weekly dose of the medication and I felt all was good. About a week later I complained about urinating and it was hard to urinate and I had some bladder pain and some pain while urinating. I went back but the other doctor I went to for my testicle pain wasn’t in so I had to go to another doc and tell him all about my symptoms again (eg testicle pain, urine pain). From what I told him he told me it could have been protistis so gave me some more antibiotics to clear the urine tract infection in which it eventually cleared up.

Then another week later I went back to the same doc telling him that me urine pain or infection had gone and I had some testicle pain still. I also noticed I had a lump on the bottom or my testicle now (1month after I had an ultrasound) and I told him about it and ask him could it be ( testicular torsion, infection, cancer ect) He told me I am going to give you a blood test and urine test to see if the experts could pick any thing up. He also said if you are still worried and in pain I will send you to a specialist. I went back 2 days later and all the test were normal he said (eg liver, Kidney,urine an no infections were present red blood cells were normal as were the white blood cells were normal. He said if something was wrong the test would of picked this up. To add to the symptoms I also have Osteitis Pubis from a non related sports injury which occurred 3 months before I started experiencing pain. Could just a blood test and a urine test rule out such disorders as torsion, infections, cancer? He stated that one thing he didn’t check for (in full detail) what a hernia. I have had the general hernia exam which the doc stated to be normal.

I have also noticed that the lump on the back of my left testicle some times flips during the day ( so the lump is on top). I tend to flip it back into place but I wonder if the lump is meant to be on top? This happens sometimes when I wake up to weigh lifting and other activities such as Physio ( for my osteitis pubis). I have been taking an anti inflammatory drug know as fenac which is for the inflammation or my osteitis pubis but it seems to help with the pain of my testicle?

In summary
From all this information, I have given you could you be able to diagnose me? Could it be something rare? Things I would really appreciate answered is the lump at the back of my left testicle? Veins showing more clearly? Why does the testicle flip sometimes ( the lump on the top?) could it be part of a sports hernia?

Answers to all or part or my questions are most appreciated.

Thank You for your time.


Hey there.

Im by no means an expert, but i am in my third year of my BN (bachelors in nursing). The answer is yes, there are signs in the blood of infection (an increased White blood cell count) and cancer they look for something called tumor markers. Not sure about the torsion, i think that is just classified by extreme pain, not the dull pain you described.

I know this post is from 2006, but i just felt like sharing :-D

If the lump you have is movable, its most likely just a dilated vein or possibly a defect of the epididymus (spelling?) (the cord surrounding your ball storing sperm) I think i have the same sort of thing. Check to see if the lump is on the testicle or actually on the scrotum. If its on the scrotum, cancer is pretty much ruled out.

If you see this, i hope it helps.


I have a similar problem right now, a dull pain in my left testes. I have seen the doctors a few times and i have even been sent to Hospital. They didn't know what is wrong but they don't think it was torsion. I had a Ultrasound and they couldn't pick anything up. The doctors gave me antibiotics and I think it helped for a week or so but now it is coming back.

I think i flipped my balls a few months a go could that be the cause? is it natural that they can flip? Should I try and flip them back if so how do we know which way to go?

How did you resolve it?

I am going to go to the doctors again today.

Any help would be helpful.



hello flash i have same problem please help...

how u get diagonised Osteitis Pubis because i have groin pain and my testicled get often flipped and veins are seen clearly and lump at the top of my testicle this all happen only in my right testicle please help me..


any one pls help me.. flash hav u got cured????