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I presented to the Hospital with a testicle torsion but I was sent home being reassured that I got Epididymitisit. Now the testicle is death and I am thinking about the possible options.
1) Do not doing anything
2) artificial implant
3) transplant

Not sure which would be the best option. Advise are really appreciated.

1) Do not doing anything:
I still have both of the two testicles, however that one that had the torsion is "death"and 1/10 in size compared to the healthy one. In fact, when I have an erection the scrotum get swell and the difference between the two get smaller.

2) artificial implant:
I manage to have "normal" sexual relations, however sometime, I feel embarrassed about the situation of the testicle. Here the idea of the implant.

3) transplant:
I was reading the previous post in regards of the option of the transplant. My father is willing in that case to provide me his own. My consultant did not mention this option and he says that I should not have any problem with one testicle. But in fact in my 20s compared to previous situation I do feel the difference. Before I was able to have 2/3 sexual repeated relations, now I manage to have only one.

Thanks in advance for the advise


I've the same problem. I used to have up to five (5) orgasms in a row, on average, it was three. I've had my left testicle removed 4 years ago and while I haven't think about that as a problem, well doctor said it all will be fine... Well, that's not true in real terms. Since the day I lost my testicle, I can't  mantain the same quality of sex life. I also drop to only one sex relation. We're not the only ones. Every guy I meat with one removed has the same problem. Hence, doctors dogma 'enough' and 'normal' is not really your normal, so you've right, it is different. My testosterone levels are also dropped, although being 'above average levels', they've been droped for 50% which means it's not my natural normal. You should also take a knowledge than 'normal' range is not normal for the 20 years old man and the 60 years old man, but the labs are using the same range for all ages, so don't fall on that trick. You can't have the SAME (SAME = NORMAL) life with one testicle. Unfortunately.



I'm in the same boat as you guys from testicular torsion damage. I think I'll get a huge fake implant that's really worth bragging about some day. I guess if you wait until too long after your nut is cut off, it becomes unnecessary cosmetic surgery later and is not covered by most insurance plans unless its installed right when your testcile is cut off. My mistake on this technicality. Then you have to pay cash for a fake testicle and the artificial implant surgery. I wouldn't ask my dad to donate his own testicles because then he'd be neutered and sterile without his balls. Even if he's all done having any more kids, he still needs his balls for having sex and being healthy. Artificial testosterone does not work for some men. Your Dad would need to try artifical testosterone first and see if it works for him before he loses his balls forever to donate them to you. Most importantly, most transplanted organs die soon after the surgery from immune system rejection after the transplant is done. Your Dad could give up his testicles and have them completely wasted by rejection and dying off once inside you. Most surgeons would never cut his out to transplant into you anyway. Your Dad would do you far more good as a sperm donor using his two proven fertile and healthy testicles to make babies for you some future day, than cutting his own balls off and likely losing them to immune rejection once they're in your body. Even if a transplant could be done, most can't, it would be his sperm making your future babies anyway if you could keep his testicles healthy inside your body. Just do it the easy way and have your Dad retain his own balls to be your healthy and related sperm donor when the time comes. Or have him freeze and bank some of his sperm and your own sperm now for making your future kids when needed in the future. Doing nothing is fine and many men have lost testicles, especially military men in the recent wars from IEDs damaging their testicles beyond repair. Most men's hairy scrotums are hard to see if they hold one or two balls hanging inside them anyway in locker rooms or public showers. Most other men won't even know if you have one nut or two. Your female sexual partners really don't care much for balls anyway and are fine if one works for you during sex. Most remaining testicles will grow in size to compensate and do the full work of two testicles once one is lost. My Dr.s say it takes around three months to start showing more size growth in the remaining testicle. Hey, your dad is a real trooper and hero to offer you his own balls to replace your own lost balls. Not many men are brave and generous enough to get castrated for their son's benefit. Way to go Dad, you really have major balls to offer your up for your son. WOW. But be his sperm donor instead and make his babies for him and his future wives some day instead.