im 21 yrs old and since last moth i started feeling pain in the center of my chest and i felt my hear betng extremely fast like a tacchycardia accompanied with severe shortness of breath...when i tried to take very deep breaths the pain become happened suddenly while i was at lasted about 2 minutes and then happened again about after 3 hours....i talked with my boyfriend and suggested to see a cardiologist because now it stared happen again....the last time was yesterday and i took my bp measurements(was 150/100)is it too high?a friend told me its from anxiety and maybe is high because im overweight(i weigh 257 lbs-117 kilos)and my heigth is 4 ft and 4 inches....could this affect my heart?do i have a heart condition?what else should i check to be sure for my condition?im really scared to go to the cardiologist....pls help...thanks in advance