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He goes. Last period was Aug 1st. Had unprotected sex on Aug 13th. Had spotting on Aug 21st , very light, pink, brown, for one day. Then on Aug 21 had spotting a little heavier but not like my normal periond for two days and then spotting for a few more days, very light. I have had some cramping but have figured it was just probs with my bowels. I have taken pregnancy test. Last one on Aug 30th and negative. Now starting Sept 11th my breasts are sooooooooooooo sore and heavy that I am having a hard time to get comfortable at night. I normally have sore breasts around my period time but this feels a bit different. Like boils. At this point I don't even know when my real last period was because of all the spotting. Any thoughts???????


So, I had unprotected sex roughly a week before my last period, and although I did have a period, with the usual cramping at the beginning, it was shorter than usual and seemed lighter, but I thought nothing of it. (It usually lasts 7-8 days, but only lasted 5 on this occasion). Since then I've been experiencing headaches, and in the past few days my breasts have been very tender and swollen, and I was also drinking with a friend yesterday and I felt really put off and didn't feel like drinking as the taste made me feel sick, this is when I started thinking I could be pregnant but I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid. But as I've not long turned 16, could this just be that my bodies still making changes? I've had periods since I was 11 and they've been mostly regular, minus one occasion I had a pregnancy scare but tests came back negative and after 6 weeks, I had a period for 3 weeks, then came off for 1 week and came back on for a further 1 week.

Any ideas? Could I be pregnant or is this just my cycle changing?