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Hey im 15 years old and me and my bf were fooling around. We were not meaning to do anything crazy but we messed around and had sex. He was on top of me when he came, But he pulled out real fast and i dont know if he nutted in me but im scared bc i think he did . I didnt feel anything but it was all over my vagina and i tried to look but i couldnt tell. I asked him did he nutt in me and he said no im positive i didnt. Then he rubbed my vagina and wiped it all off and rubbed his thing off and went back in.... Im scared to take any test because i dont want it to say im pregnant . It all happened so fast and its been 6 days after all this !!!plz help me i dont know if im pregnant or not!!!!


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What dates did you have your last 3 periods on and are you normally regular and what date did you have sex on? If you can answer that I should be able to work out if you would of been fertile around the time it happened.