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Hi guys

I'm a 15 year old female (yes i know a little bit too early to be experiencing these kinds of things) so about four days ago me and my boyfriend were fooling around in bed (just to clarify i do not want to lose my virginity until I am 20) and i started to take my underwear off and my boyfriend had his penis inside of his boxers but the head of his penis was sticking out. his penis didnt rub near my vagina that much (i dont know if it touched but if it did it was only for a milisecond) and he rubbed it for like five seconds between my lower stomach and my pubic hairline. he did not ejaculate, and I THINK there was no precum (I checked with my hands it seemed dry but i cant say for sure??) there was only slight touching but IS THERE A CHANCE OF ME GETTING PREGNANT i am very scared and worried i feel so dumb i immediately searched for pregnancy symptoms so far i have not felt anything weird happening to my body. just to clarify, I am a virgin and the penis never went inside of me and this whole thing only happened for about 20 seconds in total.

I freaked out infront of my boyfriend like "I won't get pregnant right? oh god what did i do" and he just laughed at me and asked "do you even know how pregnancy works?" so that kind of made me feel better but i dont know.

I am definitely going to be EXTRA CAREFUL next time.

thank you for your help.


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Hi accidents can happen like that but mainly only if ejaculation takes place right out side the vagina entrance and your yet enough for the sperm to be able to swim inside plus you would have to be close to your ovulation point too and it's very rare.
What part of your vagina did his penis touch?
Your bf shouldn't laugh at you because if and that's a big if you did get pregnant he wouldn't think it funny being a dad so young would he.


Extremely unlikely to the point of near impossibility, I'd say.