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i had all the signs of beign pregnant, i was late for 11 days, now my period has come, well atleast i think its my period, at first thing this morning 31st december i had light pink discharge, by the evening it went bright red, i still got cramps lower and upper abdomen ad backaches and slight headaches now and then, and tiredness comes over me really quickly ad feelign bloated, i usually dont get period pains at all, i was expecting my period on the 22nd but had sex with my boyfriend on the 20th november and protection broke, im gettign confussed about what my body is doing, family planning isnt open untill tuesday, just wondering if i am pregnant or is there somethign else up with my body??

could you email me about this topic as i am using libary to do this, thnx

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OUR bodies can chnage cycles month to month and year to year, this can happen as a result of stress or any other changes.

take a preganncy test just in case, but chances are that you are NOT pregnant-JUST LATE..