Okay so it's my first time posting in here so hey everyone! Me and my boyfriend usually use the pull out method (I know it's not reliable, but I'm on BC so we thought it was fine). On the 3,4,9,10,11,21,22 we had sex. On the 3,4,11, 21, and 22 he didn't pull out. I ovulated around the 7th. I have a very normal cycle, 28 days. I had my last period Jan 27th to the 31st, and I was supposed to start February 24th. I'm now 5 days late. Since the 14th I've been nauseous, occasionally vomitting, major backaches, headaches, some cramps, diarrhea (sorry if TMI), my boyfriend smokes and it never really bothered me but now the smoke drives me nuts, I've had more of an appetite, not really any "cravings" just certain things that sound good, bathroom a little more than usual, not much though, and this morning when I went to the bathroom I had brown discharge or spotting but only when I wipe. I took a PT the day I missed my period but it came out negative. I'm not sure if I am indeed pregnant, or what it is. A lot of the sites I've seen said if I took it on the day of missed period that it should be correct but I have no clue. I just need some good advice!! I went on a trip and forgot my BC when I went on a trip on the 14th. I am very forgetful and do forget a pill every now and then.