Hi Everyone,

At the start of June I took the morning after pill because i became concerned i could become pregnant after having a little 'accident' while having sex during my ovulation time. The pill worked and I got my last period on June 15th and it lasted for a full 7 days. Usually my cycles are 31 days, but occasionally i'll have a freak month or two where i can be 5, 6 days late. The latest i've been in recent years is 8 days late, but that was after surgery so i put that big delay down to the stress of that.

Exactly 2 weeks after my cycle ended i started to get "egg white" CM and assumed i was beginning my fertile time. The CM lasted for a whole 7 days though which isn't normal for me. I had sex with my boyfriend the thurs before i think my fertile time began and then again the folliwng tues, both times we were very careful though.

I assumed my next cycle would begin anywhere between 13th -16th July but it hasn't come yet. I'm quite sure i ovulated sometime between 29tht June-1st July so it should be here by now

I took a HPT this morning and it came out negative. I had drunk a lot of water prior to taking it though so am worried i may have affected the result

I don't seem to have any major symptoms of being pregnant and don't really believe i can be. I feel a bit like my period is due any minute, a bit hot, a bit emotional and bloated but they are all normal pms symptoms for me.

Do you think the morning after pill has just affected my hormones or is there a chance i could be pregnant?

Any advice would be great

Thanks so much