I am 20, I have no kids, I am sexually active and have been for a few years. I was recently put on this new birth control and I think maybe it has something to do with it but I have been on it for going on three months and I have never had this happen with any of my other birth control pills. Necon is the name of it. Never heard of it before until my gynecologist put me on it.

Now I spoke to my mom, and asked her about her pregnancy symptoms, and I have quite a few, I'll get to those in a second. I told my doctor when I was last there on march 11th. He said nothing was wrong, he didn't notice any abnomalities. For the past month, my breast have hurt(tender to the touch of any kind even a little rub or tap), I can't concentrate all that well on certain things, my mind just dies, I was nauseous for about a week and I threw up like once in that week. Certain smells get on my nerves that I used to love, I've wanted a few more foods more than usual that I normally eat, and all. Now I don't think I am pregnant but the possibility does exist... I have taken home pregnancy tests and they have come up negative each time, my mother had these same symptoms, and her urine texts always came up negative even at 8 months pregnant. Haven't had a blood test done yet. No possible STDS, or any of that.

To get to my question and point, For the past week I have been having this purpleish brown to dark red to light red bloody mucusy discharge. Yes, snot like. It's more of a spotting than anything. But this month when I got to my inactive pills, I had no sign of a period, nothing, on the second day of the inactive pills is when I got it, but no symptoms of a period, no cramping, no backaches, no kind of flow, just spotting like discribed above. I go back to the doctor on the 28th of April. Last month I had a normal period but the week before I had a different kind of spotting and i cramped all of that week with all symptoms of a period for two weeks. The spotting doesn't go on all day it just happens at random times during the day/night, maybe about 4-5 times in a 24 hour period.

Does anyone know what could be going on or what could be causing this? Is there a possibility of being pregnant? I'm freaking out a little.

Sorry this is so long but i thought it would be best if I described everything so you would better understand and could help me a little better.