Hello. A quick background. I'm a 21 year old female.

I have been diagnosed as having Borderline Personality Disorder so I experience a ton a crazy mood swings.

I've always been a chronic headache sufferer as well as migraines. I get headaches at the back of my head near my neck, I get them on top of my head, I get them right in the eye area. I also get a type of headache where I almost feel "high". I feel very light headed and disconnected to the world. the pain isn't all that bad but I just feel completely off.

I've always had difficulty falling asleep at night. I can easily stay in bed for 16hours once I fall asleep once but it has consistently always taken more than an hour almost every night to fall asleep. I also sleepwalk and have hallucinating dreams at night (eg. I will dream that there are people in my room with me. My eyes are open and I'm physically looking around but my mind is dreaming. More than once I've thought there's been bugs in my bed, or someone else in my bed and it terrifies me at the time because I don't know what to do..it's all so real. Eventually I wake myself up and realize I was dreaming. But it's really screwed up.

In the last 4 years or so i've been diagnosed as having Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This came as a result of constant stomach cramping and pain. My mom isn't convinced it it IBS since IBS is a general diagnosis thrown out to stomach pains often. The IBS symptoms I get is constipation rather than the other end of the spectrum however sometimes I do get in situations where it's like..I need a bathroom NOW so maybe it is IBS.

Now, more recent.

I notice that when I get nervous about a conversation I have to have or something anxious my entire body shakes. I shake and tremble so bad I stutter because I can't speak clearly. This has progressively gotten worse.

1. This past september I had an eye check up and nothing had changed. I have quite poor vision and wear glasses and contacts. I then left for school(I got to school about 16hours away from home) and noticed after about a week or two afterbeing up there that my vision seemed kind of shifted or doubled when wearing my contacts. I couldn't see as clearly. If I covered up my left eye my right eye was much much weaker.. this was all when my contacts were in (my eyes are so terrible without contacts I wouldn't notice if my eyes got worse). I had just had a check up where everything was fine and now suddenly my right eye wasn't as strong. On the morning of Oct 14th I woke up to find my LEFT eye was completely blurry. I thought I must have left one contact in or something, that's how drastically blurry it was. After freaking out for awhile, I put both my contacts in and after about 20minutes my eye cleared up. I went to an eye specialist and he said there's nothing physically wrong with my eyes, they are healthy.

2. During a moment of intimacy my arm started feeling tingly and ice cold and it went all the way up into my hand. My hand fell completely asleep and ended up locking at a 90 degree angle in a claw position. I couldn't move my wrist or move my fingers at all. It was kinda freaky.

3. I experienced a Vago Vasal episode out of nowhere on Wednesday. It was the most terrifying thing I've ever experienced.I had super super low blood pressure for awhile after.

Since that happened I have been completely exhausted. My muscles are so tired, I've been super depressed.

Yesterday I felt really light headed and disconnected from the world.. like when I get that certain kind of headache but there's no pain. I even feel pressure at the back of my head and around my eyes as though I have a headache. I went out drinking last night (stupid idea) and this morning, currently as I write this, I am so light headed and dizzy I can't hardly move. I have a wierd nausea and strange sensation. I ended up cabbing from my friends house because I was too scared to walk that far cuz I feel like I would have just passed out. Now this isn't me still being drunk or experiening a hangover. even the nausea isn't hangover nausea. It's so bad right now and I have to go to work where I hope I dont pass out or something.

And yesterday when I walked home after work I had a nose bleed. ive never had a nose bleed in my life.

On there own all these things probably aren't too intense (except the vision change) it's just that more and more wierd things continue to happen as I get more and more exhausted and light headed. I have an MRI scheduled for January and I go home a week today so I jsut gotta stick it through. I drink more excessively than the average university student and I have been smoking for about a year...I'm sure this stuff doesn't help. I'm laying off of it until I figure stuff out.

Does anybody have any thoughts? My dad died from cardiomyopathy but Ive had heart check ups constantly and things seem fine there. My blood sugar was checked when I almost passed out so I dont think diabetes could be it. glucoma and crohns disease run in my family.

maybe its nothing and its all just stress? but something just doesn't feel right...