:-| i had a sex encounter with a guy on July 21 and he gave me oral sex and fingered  for like 15 minutes he never put on hes tongue inside me, only around my vagina... and we never had penetration and i never gave oral sex to him. the thing is that weeks later like 3 weeks later of that encounter i started to have a so called menstruation? i'm not regular.. so.. my menstruation has last until now... i have not finish my so called cycle? i have been bleeding for weeks and weeks and my ovaries hurt much.. i went to the gynecologist and he did a papanicolau on me and said everything was ok  he told me i had some inflammation  and gave me some pills , i also went last month on November 23 to emergency Hospt. and the DR do me some blood examples and urine and.. an endovaginal? and he said every thing was OK and i had nothing to worry about... also this is like the 2nd time i been menstruating like this. last year it happen also but only for 2 months and it stopped  


the weird thing is that every time i take my birth control pills the bleeding seems to ... stopped.. maybe is hormonal? or something?  i was wondering if it was an STD?:-( 


sorry for my unusual English :(