I am just worried because I am a sexually active person, only to my boyfriend. He is the only parter I have and same thing with him. My last sexual encounter was fantastic that I ejaculated a lot, soaked the sheets and the bed. He also did finger me. So the day after that, I began to see very faint pink discharge on my underwear. I was just thinking, maybe I had an invisible tear since he did finger me. The day after that, the discharge disappeared. We had another sexual encounter and still he did finger me & i had ejaculated a lot. After that, same thing i had another pink discharge, so i guess it was normal for me. But next day, I saw a darker discharge now, like maroon color. What could this mean? Today, I have a light pink discharge again.My last menstruation was way before we had sex, like 18 days before. My next menstruation is still about to due 5 days from now..I don't use birth control, don't use condoms, we only use the withdrawal method, been working for us for a long time. What could be the cause of this spotting? Never had it before. I feel fine, didn't have any symptoms of pain or anything. Do I have a problem or is this normal? Or am I pregnant? I'm an adult so my menstruation is pretty normal 28-day cycle.Please any feedback would be really appreciated. Thanks!