A study has found that 86% of all fathers continue to smoke after their child has been in hospital. It is also discovered that over a half of them have been smoked in front of them.
Forest, the smokers' rihts group, said that bans would just increase smoking at home.
Researchers surveyed the mothers of 1,483 children, with an average age of five, admitted to four major hospitals in Hong Kong.
None of the mothers, who were mainly housewives, smoked, but all of the children's fathers, who worked in factories, crafts, services and shops, did.
Half of the children suffered from respiratory problems - putting them at high-risk from passive smoking - and 60% of the children had been admitted to hospital more than once.
These monthers offered half of the mothers health advice, booklets and no-smoking stickers while the rest didn't get anything. After that, the families were followed fo a year.
At three months, more mothers in the education group moved their child away from the father's smoke - but there was no difference between the groups after 12 months, when just over half of women in both groups said they removed children from the smoky area.
It is reported that most mothers expressed concerns about the possible conflicts asking their husbands to reduce smoking, some of them couldn't even ask their husbands to quit smoking.