Why are the stepmoms doing all the work? The only way a family like this can have a chance is if the father is strong. The kids all need to feel they are secure if anything happens to their parents. The parents then need to set boundaries and consequences. my husband did none of these things and it has hurt all of us.

"Don't take it personally,"is fine for one day or one comment but when it is day in,day out it becomes abusive.nobody should live being made fun of or bullied daily. We don't accept that with children in schools. Ones home should be a safe place!

I tried to treat my stepchildren as I'd have wanted another woman to treat mine,who arecently older. I thought the chaos was because their mother had passed but now realize there was no structure, expectations or consequences so why would they accept my family requirements.

I thought getting divorced was stressful but being a stepmom has been the most stressful experience I can imagine outside of things that are obvious.

Widowers you need to stand up for your wives. I didn't choose you because I wanted your kids out of the way. I chose you because I loved having my family around.