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Have you ever heard of acupuncture or chiropractor sessions to resolve migraine problems? Is it true that they can help fix it and avoid even taking medications? See, my friend told me about this and that her sister doesn’t worry about migraine anymore. I experience the bad headaches for like 3-4 times a month and my medication (now on ultram) helps by only taking the edge off. Can’t really have an easy day in a month. Any help will be very much appreciated.


Acupuncture appears to be very effective in treating migraine pain as well as in preventing migraines. Two different approaches are used for these two different goals. It is said that acupuncture is more effective than medications in treating migraines.

Here is an extract from an old study I found published back in 2001, in Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

"In one of the largest studies of its kind to date, a team of investigators in Italy examined the effectiveness of acupuncture versus a variety of pharmacological therapies in treating migraines. Their results revealed that patients given acupuncture experienced fewer migraine episodes, missed fewer days from work, and suffered no side effects compared to patients on conventional drug therapy. They also found acupuncture to be more cost-efficient, estimating a savings of hundreds of millions of dollars in private and social health expenditures if it were used to treat headaches alone instead of drugs"