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Hi all,

I'm Emily and I had my first migraine headache in my teens and despite all the treatments and doctors I visited, my migraine attacks are still pretty bad. Almost each time I get nauseous and vomit, feel so dizzy I can't walk a few steps and my head is throbbing with pain. Since in the last few months attacks have become more frequent (last month I had 11 attacks), I managed to get an appointment with a new doctor.

Since I’ve already tried most of the 'anti-migraine' medications and even beta blockers and antidepressants, he suggested I start taking Plavix, if my blood test results come OK.

All I found out about this medication that it has been effective for some people suffering from migraine, but I also saw a clear big warning that it might cause strokes and 'mini-strokes'. Has anyone been on Plavix? Is it effective for migraine pain and are these side effects common?



Hi Emily ! Thanks for your post and really important question. Migraines are awful - they are really debilitating and make you feel so ill - I know, I used to get them as a kid! A couple of questions - are you on oral contraception? Oestrogen based pills are known to carry a risk if you have migraines. Also, what's your diet like? Chocolate and cheese are really renowned for causing them.  With regards to Plavix, it is an anti-platelet drug, and as you probably know licenced for treating various cardiovascular problems and there is risk involved. With regards to treating migraine all the evidence is anecdotal and there is no clinical trial as such to support its' use. In your case I'd say it should be a risk 'v' benefit decision. If you simply can't live with the headaches, under your docs guidance it may be worth a try - but if there are any other treatments, why don't you try them first?