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my mother had a cataract operation this was diagnosed after an eye test she had a perfect eye vision in both eyes which not having to wear glasses he was able to read, watch television,play bingo all she suffered was dry eyes at 88years old her eye-sight was good, the day of the operation she said she felt a sharp pain that went into the eye that really did hurt we could not understand this has most patients on that day of surgery didn't feel anything. given time for recovery and followed up with appointments my mums vision seem to deteriorate after seeing doctor who then checked to see why she was suffering with constant watery eyes and 70%loss off vision which before this her vision was 100% they have now said she as pressure behind the eye which as blood vessels my concern is did this operation disturb these blood vessels to have caused this problem she has ben given 3 treatments of injections in her eye which hasn't made any difference pleae can you give me advice what the next step is regards kay


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