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I am female, aged 16. I have a healthy lifestyle. Don't smoke, I drink on occasion, and do not take drugs.

I have been feeling ill for about 3-4 months and finally decided to go to the doctors about a month ago. Due to my age and symptoms she assumed I had glandular fever. I had a blood test and urine sample the following day.
Approx a week and a half later, I got a phone call saying some of my tests where back, but they were still waiting for some more to come through. So we then booked an appointment, which is later this week.

I have been doing a bit of research into my symptoms and was very worried when all of my symptoms matched the symptoms matched those of a brain tumour. I have come here for advice.

My main symptoms are severe headaches (especially as I do not suffer from these) and fatique, as well as feeling very sick and loss of appetite. These symptoms have worsened since my appointment with the doctor about a month ago.

I put my headaches down to my eye sight, as at a routine check up I was told I needed lenses to help with my sight, especially my left eye which was particluarly worse.
It was the fatique and nausia which led to the suspicion of glandular fever, as in November last year I had a very bad throat infection.

Then I noticed I have developed a twitch & (for the past few months) my speech has worsened as I have developed a stutter and memory blanks.

My personality has also changed. My mood changes extremely quickly and most of the time I just want to be on my own. And most of the time I am lying down and sleeping. (or wanting too) I find being social increasingly difficult. When at college, I will avoid my friends and people in general. I will try and be on my own in the library, or sit by myself somewhere. Characteristics that are completely un normal for me & it really frustrates me. I am finding it really difficult to talk to anybody about my worries, and whenever anyone asks if I'm ok I always plaster a fake smile on and say yes.

I have also lost any real motivation. i have missed lots of college as I have been un well (with problems above) and can't be bothered with life anymore! I told this to my doctor a month ago and was prescribed some anti-depressents.

I feel a great strain in my head, especially on the left side. I have felt tingles and pains I cannot explain inside my skull.
I am not sleeping, and wake up in the night crying and sort of being unable to control my body. I keep havng anxiety attacks, especially at night.

I do have a history of cancer in my family. Both of my grandparents on my Dad's side died of cancer, and they were both healthy people. My Uncle, on my Dad's side also had cancer and fortunatley beat it.
This is also why I am concerned.

I do not want to go to the doctor with my worries as I feel they will think I'm stupid, especially because of my age. I don't want to seem melo-dramatic. but at the same time, I am worried about my health and can't quite shake the feeling that something is wrong.

I would appreciate any replies to the post. Thankyou.


OK - here's the deal. It is highly unlikely that you have a brain tumour. But until you know for sure you are going to worry yourself into the ground and become even more poorly. You need to look this tiger in the eye, so pop along to your doctor and tell her what you are afraid of. She will then organise the relevant tests. And do you know what? If you do have a brain tumour then it doesn't have to be the end of the world. My daughter was diagnosed with one when she was just 19 in 2004. Last year she got married and since her diagnosis and surgery has gone on to do her MA.

So do me a big favour - the worst fear is not knowing. This is bigger than knowing one way or the other. Make that appt and let me know how it goes. Have a look here for more advice:

Helen x

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