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Hi, my sister is 37 years old and she had very stressful situation several months ago. Her husband was seriously injured in car accident and she is suffering from panic attacks since then. Also she doesn't want to leave her house. Her doctor told her that she is suffering from agoraphobia so I would like to know something more about it.


Hi, agoraphobia is also sort of anxiety and it may be caused by some heavy stress which person experienced. In such case this person doesn't want to leave house because she feels very insecure when she is out. This fear is not some realistic fear but person experience it very objective. She would consult her doctor because of that.


Dear Joycelin1816,
I am so sorry about your sister's condition.

I hope you got some info on Agoraphobia. It is an Anxiety disorder where the afflicted person fears that he/she do not have a means to escape out of a situation, and fears a Panic attack.

The name itself means the fear of marketplace. Persons suffering from this typically show anxiety or fear in unfamiliar surroundings, or where he/she fears that they have little control.

This can gradually be treated. This can be chronic problem. There are a couple of popular techniques that can help your sister. This may even help reduce the dosage of her dependence on drugs and bring back some self-confidence.

The first one is a technique known as Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT). With this you can start seeing results in 4 to 5 sessions, and if you're lucky to get a good therapist, you'll really feel good. There are trained practitioners in US, Britain and Europe.

The other very popular method that has helped is what is known as the "one-step technique".

If you need any more info on these please post your questions here
I hope one or both of these work for your sister.

Wish you all the best.

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