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My mother has been suffering from pains for about 2 months now ... since she was severely frightened 2 days in a row... she has been suffering of a throbbing pain from behind her eyes .. followed by moderate headaches wich start from her forehead &nd leads to her temples &nd the back of her head ... these are all followed by dizzyness shortness of breath &nd a strange feeling .. like dying.. wich distract her from her daily duties ...

Example: she would go out to run her daily errands &nd go shopping for groceries &nd suddenly she would feel all these symptoms coming back up &nd she would have to rush back home in fear that she would collapse.... all of this began to happen since my sister has frightened her 2 days in a row by calling her anxiously on the phone yelling &nd panicking for no reason ... after my sister hangs up my mother reaches a state of panic wich she starts screaming and losing her breath and then when she calms down ... she says that her legs go numb for awhile ... so severe that she has to stop the car and wait for it to stop or sit down and wait for it to go away ... im very concerned about this ... she is 55 years old and is living on one kidney ... if anybody knows what this might be please help .... ? ! :-( :'(


i am not a doctor but I suffer from headaches, dizziness pains in eyes and had every test going and came out negative

I was told I had bad ANXIETY and now I am taking klonopin and lexapro

I think your mom should see a doc asap

Best of luck