I was fixing my sisters ankle after she just had surgery i was barely leaned over. All of the sudden I started feeling like I was going to throw up, I thought it was just because I had saw her mangled and stapled scabbed ankle and it would go away but it kept getting to the point where my whole body felt like jello. I got extremely sweaty and sat down my mother was right next to me talking but she sounded like a FOOTBALL field away.my ears were like fuzzy ringing. I could see perfectly I wasnt seeing black or anything but I layed down and my left arm started tingling . Soon after my right arm and legs a little. I've never had this happen before I've never passed out or felt nauseous like that before. After I felt better I stood up and it felt like I had gained 200 pounds my legs felt like they would give out. I started drinking some water and eating and sure enough it started again just not as bad. It feels like my head gets heavy and ears feel like they're tensing up it feels hot. It's been about 2 hours and I still feel funny but not as bad. My mom just keeps saying it's because of my period but I'm not on my period I've never had this happen. :`(. It might be normal but why would I get tingly and it keep recurring? Thanks