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About once a week for the past 2 weeks i have woken up with severe join pain, I figured the first time it was because my body was dehydrated from the prior night, but this morning I woke up with the same pain in my joints... around noon I started to feel a sharp pain, almost like a pinched nerve in my upper left back, right between my shoulders, but more towards the left, I then began experiencing numbness in the bottom of my left arm and the left side of my left hand, the left side of my left leg and my toes are tingling... My joints hurt as well. I have the shakes, like I had too much caffeine or something, so not noticeable, but as if I'm just very weak. What is happening?!
I tried stretching, and lying down on the ground for a few moments and eating as well, but it seems to be gradually getting worse.
I have had a pinched nerve before in my lower back and experienced pain down the back of my legs and numbness on the side of my thighs, which happens ever so often, but never has my arm gone numb and the sharp pain at the top of my back.


I had damage to my c5 which lodged between the disc and bone and caused a spinal started out with itching/tingling in the same places in my hands numb sides of arms, constant kinked neck ect. shakes get real bad when cold or nervous. feet were hypersensitive the smallest tickle would make my leg jump like crazy. and my feet started not working right too. id get two good paces in then inevitably my foot would twitch or bounce and kick my other ankle with the heel of my nike shox shoes. i got tired extremely quickly, and eventually couldnt walk because my legs shook so bad id fall down if i tried.from foot shaking till 6weeks to live prognosis was 4months time span.good luck