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I was in the shower last night, I was standing there than I felt kind of weird. I started to see black and white dots, so I figured I was blacking out a little bit so I stood still and than it kept getting worse and worse. All I could see was black I lost my vision. Than I lost my hearing. I managed to sit down in the tub, I layed there for 10 seconds and I started to think to myself am I dead, did I just die. I couldn't figure our what happened. I got the feeling like I was going to throw up than I started to see again and got a bad ringing in my ear.


I think you're fainting. ( Sorry for stating the obvious ). Did you eat well? Did you drink well? It's probably because you didn't have enough energy. Eat or drink something as soon as the feeling occurs again. Or to be on the safe side, just eat and drink well! You could get some glucose water and that'll help a lot. Drink some coffee or eat some chocolate too. 

~Hope you're well. 

If this continues, go see a doctor. I just think it's loss of energy. But who knows?