I know I've had this before, but it's just so weird. I'm 19 years old, I'm too young for something to be wrong with me.

I was just lying on the couch and my face felt very slack and numb. My head was fuzzy and my cheek bones and the upper part of my gum line felt like they were asleep. I couldnt close my mouth it was just kind of open and I had a spaced out look on my face while I tried to watch t.v.

When I talked it took alot of effort, and my speech came out slurred and lazy. My face was numb, and it scared me. My mom said I may have a pinched nerve and I should go right to bed.

Just talking and expecially undressing and walking was hard for me. Because my legs felt like jello.

I noticed today in class I felt fine, yet all of a sudden I would have this random twitch on my face and id do something weird with my mouth. Then I was fine.

I felt like I was half in a dream state, because my whole body was aching and fuzzy.

What is wrong with me?!