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Hello! I am a person who has a question. This is probably a good place to do so. I want to ask something about alopecia areata monolocularis. My friend has a problem with this disease. His hair is almost disappeared. I would like to know is it possible some treatment that can replace the hair on the lost places? Thanks for your respond about this.


Hello there,

Well your friend suffers from autoimmune disorder and that is very uncomfortable because there is not known cause and what happens is that your own immune system starts to attack healthy cells and tissue by mistake. Alopecia areata results in hair loss from all areas of the body but usually from the scalp. Hair loss can extend to eyebrows, eyelashes and facial and nasal hair and create more bald spots on the other areas of the body.

When it comes to the treatment there are several options. First of all alopecia areata generally clears up on its own within several months to several years, yes years so most of the patients are taking medications which are increasing hair growth.