I only want to share my story. When I was 9 I lost patches of hair. This lasted for some months and it grew back, curlier than before, but back. At the beginning of puberty I lost again patches of hair, small patches, over a year, which turned me into virtually bald when I was 12. I grew only very few body hair in those years but when I was 14 once again my hair grew back, at least part of it, it wasn't really enough to cover my head but it was hair all right, and I also grew body hair, not very much, but some armpit hair which I had to shave and also pubic hair. Another year later I lost all of the hair on my head and part of my eyebrows and eyelashes. It was very fast this time, it took only 3 weeks. Doctors told me that this might be it, or that it might grow back again but that probably one day my hair would fall out not to grow back again. From 15 to 17 I was totally bald, wearing a wig again and trying to hide my condition as far as possible. Then my hair came back, still curly and thinner than before so that I went on wearing the wig. Nothing changed for a few years and on the day of my 20. birthday I decided to take off the wig and try to do with what hair I had left. I discovered it was actually enough to make believe. But I also promised myself that should I lose it again I would not go back to the wig. Nothing happened for years and I thought I was cured. I had a boyfriend who thought my hair was fine and who actually liked the fact that I had naturally that little pubic hair. But when I was 23 I lost it all within a week. Patches fell down just like that. My eyebrows and eyelashes went in 2 days and one day when I undressed in the evening I discovered nearly all of my pubic hair lying in my knickers. The rest of it was gone in the morning. This time everything went, every hair on my body. This has been 11 years ago. So far nothing has grown back. I don't believe it will. I stuck to my promise not to turn back to the wig and my bf stuck with me. We got married, we have 2 children. Unfortunately I passed it on to our daughter who lost all of her scalp hair last year, at 8. So far it hasn't grown back but she bravely refused a wig, wishing to follow mum's example and she's lucky enough not to be made fun of at school because of it. I have learned to accept my body appearance and even to see the beauty in a bald scalp. May all the women concerned find this strength. Luv! M.