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In a world where appearance matters, excessive hair loss can be a major concern. Although, regular hair fall is not life threatening it can lower the confidence level of an individual and lead to depression and further stress.

It is important that we take good care of our hair to ensure they’re silky, smooth and most important of all, healthy. Hair fall also known as alopecia or baldness can be cause due to various reasons and therefore it is important that we focus on the causes that can help us to resolve regular hairfall issues in the right way.

Henna is a flowering plant from which a dye is prepared that is being used to colour hair for many centuries and the dye is still being used for colouring and protecting hair. 

Historically, henna has been used as a hair dye for more than 6000 years not just across India, but also in Egypt, North Africa and South Asia. It is still widely used across various countries and is a part of wedding celebrations and festivities where females and males use henna to dye their hair. Some on the other hand, apply henna to resolve their hair loss problems in a natural way.

Protecting Your Hair With Henna

Many people suffer not just from regular hair fall, but also graying and that is why they make use of henna. With the application of henna, they can color their hair and cover the gray without using any of the chemical substances found in regular hair coloring brands. Henna does not have ammonia, chemicals and toxins and is therefore the safest way to color hair. Unlike popular hair color brands, henna not just colors the hair, but also protects the hair from heat, direct sunlight and dust. This helps in reducing regular hair fall because excessive heat, sunlight and dust can weaken the hair which eventually leads to hair fall. 

Henna also works naturally to strengthen each hair strand from the roots and gives it a silky and shiny appearance. Henna contains natural ingredients to restore the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp, which is essential to maintain healthy hair. Research studies claim that an incorrect acid-alkaline balance of the scalp can also lead to regular hair fall and hair loss. Lack of moisture can make your hair brittle and prone to breakage. Henna is an amazing conditioner and works naturally by locking the moisture and nutrients within. It creates a natural coating on each hair strand to ensure there are split ends and breakage that can lead to regular hairfall. It also works to treat other regular hairfall causes like dandruff and scalp infections while giving you a lustrous and voluminous hair. It also works effectively for those who want quick hair growth

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