If you are out there, hello!

I know this is usually a question that ends up becoming a ceaseless argument about what is better -shod or unshod. However, I am simply asking if there are any runners on the forum who bare their 'soles', not what is better. It is my personal decision to run barefoot, so please keep negative comments to yourself. :)

Otherwise, for the nice people out there - I'm currently transitioning from running shod to running barefoot. So far, I'm just trying to get my feet more conditioned to the asphalt than any sort of distance or time. Any beginner tips? I've been very careful about TMTS (too much too soon) and top of the foot pain. I haven't pushed past the occasional blister or mild ankle pain.

Anywho, it's a pleasure to meet all runners out there. I won't always have just barefoot running questions, so I hope I haven't offended anyone in my quest to run my first 5K