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I'm brand new to running. In fact, I just went on my first run/walk. I'm trying out the "Couch 2 5K" program and it actually seems doable.

There is one problem though. I have flat feet. By the end of the 30 minutes today my feet felt like they were going to fall off! Even now 2 hours afterwards it hurts to walk on them. What can I do to help ease the pain? Anything? I do have doctor prescribed inserts that are specially molded, but if I put them in my relatively new running shoes my feet don't fit.



I just finished that program and would easily describe myself the same as you do.

All I can tell you is it gets better. Not as fast as I had wanted, but it does get better.

I had to go more than two day apart on some of my training from various pains. My worst pain was in my knees around the middle of the program.

I have the flat footed syndrome as well, as often my feet seem to be hitting perfectly flat and make a lot of noise when i run. If tired I cant seem to keep up that rolling motion of heel to forefoot.

When this happens my knees still scream at me.

Bottom line, is I listened to my body and took a day here or there extra if the pain was too great, but overall I kept to the schedule and kept running.

I abandoned the couch to 5 K in the last week and simply went to run walking 3 miles. i was not getting the distance I wanted with couch to 5K.

I suppose my pace is so slow I was only ending up with 2.x miles each time and never hitting 3.

I simply set runmeter to keep me on a running pace around 12 and run 3 min walk one.

I complete all my 3 mile runs now at an overall pace of 13 min/mile.

Still way too slow by my measure, but I do finish and hope to continue to improve.

Not sure this helped, but at least you have someone who empathizes with you :)


Hi nuance_123,

I have flat feet, too and also get a lot of pain--not so much in the knees, but just the foot overall whenever I run. While I haven't tried the Couch to 5K program, I do have some suggestions for your flat feet (passed on to me by others):

1) Increase the flexibility of your foot by doing foot exercises. I put a towel under my foot and scrunch the towel with my foot and that's an exercise. However, you can also walk using only the outer edges of your feet as support. I think if you Google "foot stretch exercises" you will find something (unfortunately I cannot post a link, no matter how helpful it would be).

2) Getting insoles. Some other flat-footed runners have told me that they went to a doctor and got orthotics. They are expensive, but I've heard they help. Others, like me, went the Dr. Scholl's route...unfortunately I do have to change my shoes more often.

If anyone else has any suggestions (more foot exercises, or relieving the pain) please, do add to my answer.

Hope this helps.



You definitely want a shoe that designed for flat feet. Something that helps control if you pronate. Same thing other have said. do some foot exercises to help you out. Heres a good resource on shoe for flat feet and exercises to help.


Causes of Flat Feet.
Weakened muscles due to aging or heavy strain placed on the feet.
Standing or walking for long periods in high heels.
Wearing shoes that dont provide proper arch support.

you should only consult your personal physician for this problem .