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Hello, I was just recently diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoidosis and while I’m at home trying to learn as much as I can about sarcoidosis and its treatments in general. So far only symptoms I’m having are mainly related to difficulties with breathing and getting tired so easily and I do consider myself lucky this way. If anyone around here is suffering from sarcoidosis, I’d love to hear your story and ways you’re coping with the condition. Also, if anyone knows, are there any famous people who suffer from sarcoidosis? Thanks, Mel


I was diagnosed in 99' 2000 it went dormant.  2010 after exposure to blackmold, it came back with a vengenance!!! Originally diagnosed in lymph nodes of lungs, throat, etc. I was offerred prednisone but passed after research!  Prednisone is a NASTY steriod that "may" fix one thing and mess up others.  For me it enlarged my heart and kidneys.  Suggestions:  juicing (green machine builds immune system and detoxifies parasits), oil of oregano, omega 3 with krill, and magnesium. .....the only support I have is from God and online. Famous people??  Bernie Mac died from "complications" related to sarcoidosis pneumonia.  Gina from the Martin will give a healthy dose of support and information.

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