My Dtr was born in 2000 one month primie after my OB put me on breathyn or “adrenaline “ to prevent a2 month premature delivery.  My Dtr came out actinly like a “crack” baby. She cried always was irritable “colicky” but from birth to over a year old.  She only slept short intervals and only in movement like a swing or vibrating chair or in backpack or baby stroller/carrier, she is now 18 and suffers from severe insomnia! It has taken a toll on every aspect of her life. They won’t do a sleep study b/c she won’t sleep!  OTC meds Benadryl,sleep aids, melatonin, scents, sounds- completely ineffective!  It has become depression-anxiety with ? Bipolar disorder all b/c no sleep, it seems her drs only focus on the psych part as phamacea pays for treatment!! No one addresses insomnia, she recently had Rx for several diff meds, to no eval.  This kid needs help and no one seems to take it seriously!