So in December I fooled around with my boyfriend and since then I've been scared that I could be pregnant.

My breats began to feel sore then went up 2 cup sizes and nipples have got a lot bigger in size, that's what started me worrying, also I went through a phase of feeling extremely nauseous about 3 weeks after the incident. I began to notice quite bloating which I'd never experienced before, however over these months I have taken 9 pregnancy tests which have all been negative, but got one very very very faint positive on one... I've also noticed an increase in discharge. It's clear and odourless but a lot more than ever before.

The thing is I've had 4 periods, the first came early and was very light but lasted 8 days, the second was normal, the third and fourth have been lighter than usual but lasted the same amount of days as usual. I'm pretty certain I'm not pregnant but can't stop myself worrying, just above my pelvic bone feels hard and tender to touch as if there is something there. If I were pregnant, it would be 17 weeks by now. I seem to be bloating hugely every day and also quite constipated. I also get a lot of lower abdominal pain which is present all round the month but worsens around my period. I get very tired and headachey as well as having mood swings and feeling very emotional. My doctor has put it down to IBS but to be honest I think IBS just means 'we don't know what it is'.

I'm just so confused and worry like crazy...