Okay so I just got off the depo shot about a month ago. My boyfriend and I never use protection. A couple weeks ago I started getting symptoms, my boobs are really sore, I've had crazy mood swings, I pee at least every hour, and I've been hungry and tired. I've never experienced these symptoms after getting off depo or before starting my period. I had periods on the depo on the 18th every month. I took multiple HPT's most were negative, then I took one that had a very very faint line. I waited a couple days and took another test which had a faint positive line as well, I took a first response test the following morning and that had a faint positive as well. I figured okay, I'm pregnant! Then I went to the doctor and they took a blood test and said my HCG level was under 1, therefore the bloodtest was negative. That was yesterday, now today I started bleeding and cramping. I'm not sure if it's a period or what.   I'm sooo confused and I just wish I knew what was going on with me. I just need to know if I am pregnant or not. What do you think??