So ladies...i have been pregnant once but miscarried. This time i am feeling much different with what seems like odd symptoms. I don't know for sure if i am pregnant and a home pregnancy test does not work with me. I was 2 months pregnant last time and all the home tests i used came out negative. blood test was positive. Let me know what the likelyhood these symptoms are of pregnancy. Thanks!

exhausted more-so than normal. just tired all the time. wanting to take a nap when i get home from work.
i had three headaches in one week. they felt like sinus headaches and ive felt very allergy-like. runny nose, itchy watery eyes.
extreme mood swings over a period of 3-4 days. I was happy, then angry then crying over nothing. i wound up feeling suicidal even (altough i suffer from depression...but this was out of the ordinary even for me).
i had a 2 day period...second day dark brown oxidized blood mostly and then it just stopped. i've had what feels like cramps/bloating in my uterus since and also pains in my ovaries at times.
ive had a little bit of discharge...stuff that never normally occurs with me. it was whitish, thick and gooey.

Thanks for the help!