I am 36 with ddd and i have compressed nerve roots in my L4 and L5. mild disiccation at L4-5. also a large posterior left paracentral disc extrusion which has migrated behind the L5 that is severly compressing the thecal sac and virtually obliterating its left side and impinging both the exiting left L4 nerve root and descending left L5 nerve root.the pain and numbness and tingling has always been on the left side.. recently it has all been on the right with alot more numbness in my fingers and toes than ever before. I have medi-cal and cannot get in to see a nuerosurgeon for a consult. the dr that ordered the mri sid the only relief i will really get is from suregery. I know that nothing works that I have tried so far. heat,cold,all types of pain relievers and pain meds,creams,exercises(when i can actually move) . Im really at a loss as far as what to do. I am too young to have this many issue. Im training to work in a medical facility and i will be very active in the career i have chosen. any ideas anyone?