%-) Sir, Ive recently undergone a fusion posterior at L5 S1, previous I've undergone 2 x discectomy the first was for a herniation of extended 17 mm which reached thecal sac with nerve pinching from front and side. The MRI following this first procedure showed the disc to have again herniated over a greater distance than before. Thus the surgeon re-done the discectomy w/nerve decompression. The further MRI revealed a 7mm residual disc fragment at sub-articular recess of the r/sided nerve root. After a second opinion (from a neurosurgeon) a transforaminal interbody fusion w/instrumentation was performed. 5 months down the line I'm experienced pain outside of r/ foot and 3 outside toes at certain angles of body position (inc sleeping sometimes)especially in morning or after sitting/walking. I also feel as if a significant electric current is passing over outside 3 toes of r/foot. Along with tight hamstring and v. tight calf on r/leg. Recently developed pain down left leg to knee height also. Back is pretty sore below incision level and across whole of lumbar region. I have been to aquatherapy/physio exercising for deep abs and following physio instructions concisely as per a rehab plan. I am at a loss right now.. What would your suggestions/advice possible scenarios of what may be happening inside this body! My surgeon (unnamed) was formerly a head surgeon of a hospital (now in private practice). So we are quite clear, I do not for one moment believe it to be surgical error.Background - I am 30 yrs, active s/employed telecomms/fiber optic cable installer/tester. Thankyou Doctor(s) I appreciate you train long and hard and practice to the best of your abilities, I would truly value you giving some consideration and sharing your possible conclusions. Dave