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I had my period for this Month. starting from the 1st March & ending on the 5th March, 2012.  my fiance and i had unprotected sex 12days later which was on the 17th March. it wasn't our first time having unprotected sex since everytime he ejaculates inside of me i would press out the sperms so i won't get pregnant. this time when he ejaculate inside of me he stayed on me for about like 10seconds and then i pressed out.

3days later after having unprotected sex (which was the 20th March) when i got up to urine in the morning i notice light blood on my underwear. At first i thought it was my period but the bleeding did not lasted long it only lasted for about a few minutes. after that it completely stop for the entire day. the next day i've had the same experience. until a day like today 24th March, 2012 & it stop, this only happens in the morning. i have also been experiencing back pains, upset stomach, tiredness and my breast is feeling tender. i would like to know am i pregnant?


This isn't even birth control.  "Pressing Out" is akin to jumping up and down to force out all the sperm using gravity and momentum or having him grab your arms and spinning you around faster and faster till your feet are at his waist level and you're spinning very rapidly, in circles, around him.  This would use "centrifugal force" to cause the sperm to fly out of a woman's insides....... however, to get the force necessary you'd have to tear her arms off.

"Pressing" would be as ineffective, sperm swim in a viscous mix of vaginal juices and semen.  Now, on average a man expels from 200,000,000 to 500,000,000 (200 to 500 MILLION) sperm in a single ejaculation.  Let's remember it only takes ONE HEALTHY SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE HEALTHY EGG TO YIELD ONE HEALTHY ZYGOTE....... i.e. the start of a baby.  Imagine trying to "press out" all 400,000,000 sperm every time he reaches orgasm, and ejaculation.  You'd have to be Wonder Woman, and even then you'd need some help from Superman.

i know what you're saying....... "Aha yes, but it works!!"  My best response would be that so far you've been very lucky, OR one of you has fertility problems, or your pairing (the two of you) together have a fertility issue (some women produce antibodies to their mate's sperm).  There are still dozens of other reasons why a particular woman and a particular man are not capable of conceiving a child together.  Remember, it MAY BE AS SIMPLE AS "so far you've been lucky."

In any event I'm totally serious about this "Odd Kind Of Magical Method of Birth Control," and I certainly wouldn't count on it working as an even "POOR" method of birth control.

It reminds me of the "Rhythm Method" of birth control and the old joke........ "What do you can a couple who uses the Catholic Means of Birth Control...... The Rhythm Method?"......... Answer: YOU CALL THEM PARENTS.


Sorry, I didn't fully answer your question. i wanted you to KNOW that what you're doing IS NOT BIRTH CONTROL, so it's entirely possible that you're pregnant.

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