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my doctor just told me that i had the bartholin cyst, it is a gray color and very thick. Is this normal? It hurts to walk, pee, sit, and to do anything.


Hello Leah,

A Bartholin's cyst occurs when the Bartholin duct is blocked in some way and this results in the development of a fluid-filled cyst.  It is possible that this developed due to infection of the gland but more often than not it didn't.  In general, a Bartholin cyst in not an infection.  You have a pair of these glands between the vagina and the vulva and these glands are responible for producing lubrication when you are stimulated.  This is to prevent friction when you have sexual intercourse.  When you have blockage of these glands, the lubricant builds up and a cysts forms.  If your cyst is small and it doesn't bother you no treatment is required.  If it becomes enlarged and hurts it may need to be removed.