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I was wondering what you guys would consider to be the best overall fat burning/cutting pill/powder. I don't want to lose any muscle mass but want something that I could take to help burn bodyfat.



First you need to make sure you training and diet are in order. You need to burn more
calories than you're consuming.

I personally like Myochem’s CEE-MYO CE2X 6080. I started taking the CE2X about 3 weeks after I starting weight training and have noticed WEEKLY gains in strength and overall muscle size. They do a lot of research and development and recently added a new product myomale 2012.

I believe that anyone can see steady gains with proper nutrition and exercise, but I don’t honestly believe that I would have been able to see my bench press increase 60 Ibs, in 2.5 months without the added help from Myochem’s CEE-MYO CE2X 6080! This is a product worthy of every penny paid and one that has found a home on my shelves!!!