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I have been experiencing abdominal cramps and bloating for months. Was diagnosed with IBS and given tablets and drinks for relief of this. Returned to the doctor as symptoms had not improved and had worsened and also because pain had started in my lower back which spread right the way up to my neck. Was told this was likely unrelated. Have stopped taking medication for the IBS symptoms as i was getting diarrhea (which i didn't have before taking this). Now the pain in my back is just like an ache rather than the sharp pain it was before. Stomach cramps have got worse, in particular after eating but can occur eve if I haven't eaten. I feel a tightness/bloating in my abdomen constantly. My stomach makes grumbling noises when the cramps come on. I have no appetite and feel full after eating only small amounts. Generally my body/joints ache. My mum has commented that I have lost weight and others that  look pale. in the last few days I have also had pain in the middle of my chest and the left side of my boob. I am just really sick of putting up with these symptoms and putting them to the back of my mind. I cant sleep properly because of them and feel tired. 


IBS is extreme inflamed case of intestinal lining. This leads to leaky gut (if not already) which creates autoimmune disorders. Your goal is to eat as fresh and raw as much as possible but you can’t do that now with inflamed intestines. You can start purée style vegetables cooked only in water not in the oven. No roasting or steaming. No cooking at high temperature. Water cooks things at max 212F. Cook veggies in water in low heat until they are soft so that you can blend them in a blender. No need to overcook. I will list the stuff you will not touch (eat) shortly.  This is not easy but if you follow this regimen for a few months you have a very good chance getting better.

Cook the vegetables with stew bones or chicken drumsticks but do not eat the meat just the juice so you get some gelatin and collagen for healing purposes. Put sufficient water so that you have enough to cook and to blend. Stew bones need to be from organic pasture fed cows and chicken drumsticks from cage free organically fed chickens. Whole Foods and some other stores have these. Main stream feedlot beef and chicken are inhumanely grown under very unsanitary conditions. Also they are loaded with pesticides and hormones… not good for healing! Skim of any fat (although this fat is good for overall health, it is not good for you until you start healing). Once cooked, this juice will be jelly like if you leave in the fridge for a few hours, that’s a good thing. You want natural gelatin and collagen.

The things that you will not eat:

No legumes like beans, lentils, peas, chick peas etc.

No grains, no bread or pasta of any kind whether it is whole grain or 7-grain or even organic.

No red meat, chicken or fish for now. It is OK to cook with bones as I listed above for gelatin and collagen.

Absolutely no vegetable oil; like soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil. In summary you will not consumes any vegetable liquid oil that comes in a container.

No margarine or margarine spreads like I can’t Believe It is Not Butter or any other commercial spread. No nut butters of any kind they are loaded with aflotoxins especially peanut butter!

No pasteurized and homogenized milk or dairy products made from pasteurized and homogenized milk. This is very important; pasteurized and homogenized milk is very processed and becoming more and more a toxic food for a lot of people. Calcium in homogenized milk is not utilized in the body so don’t worry about not getting calcium because of not consuming milk. Fruits and vegetables have sufficient calcium and you can get calcium supplement in a total mineral formula but only from a few sources. Once you start healing you can introduce almonds for calcium but not now. Most supplements have ground form of rock that they sell for minerals which are useless. If you are interested write back I will give you a few sources to shop from. If you like dairy, once you heal you can look for cheese made from raw milk and aged at least for 1 year and I can send you instructions how to make your own kefir and yogurt.

No nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, egg plants, potatoes, paprika, cayenne pepper). Check on the internet for a complete list of nightshades.

The things you can start eating:

Most green vegetables, carrots, celery, spinach, sweet potatoes and others other than the nightshades.... cooked in water in low heat setting once the water starts boiling.

Steel cut oats cooked in very low heat with enough water then blended to a smoothie consistency. This could be your breakfast with some organic apple sauce with no sugar added either prepared at home or store bought but needs to be organic.

White rice or brown rice cooked well in water like soup not like rice. It has to be cooked well and consumed like soup. You can (and should) add 1 teaspoon of organic unprocessed coconut oil in each serving when you are ready to eat. This is the only oil you are allowed to eat until you heal. After you heal, you can slowly introduce organic extra virgin olive oil and organic butter. No other oil should be in your diet the rest of your life.

Most fruits cooked with water at very low heat and covered (with the exception of citrus fruits – no citrus fruits for now). Bananas need not be cooked but it has to be ripe enough with about 25-50% brown spots on the peel.  You can also get dried apricots, prunes, raisins and cook them at very low heat until soft and then blended. These dried fruits should be, as much as possible, from organic sources. Do not consume cooked fruit that comes in can or in any other container. They are devitalized and have no nutrition. You will switch to raw fruits and vegetables once you start healing the irritation and the inflammation.

American yellow saffron tea (cup of boiling water poured over half teaspoon of the herb and consumed in the morning), and slippery elm bark tea (cup of boiling water poured over one teaspoon of the herb and consumed in the afternoon).

I think I have given you enough to get started for now. If you are interested write back and let me know that you are ready to do whatever it takes to get better. I will give you a list of supplements that you can start taking with the foods I listed above. This is a rough road ahead of you. I want to encourage you that there is a reason why you post your symptoms and why I saw and responded. You have to take the next step to healing. It is almost impossible to heal IBS with medication the way the main stream medicine offers. My background is in nutrition and parasites. You can get better and heal completely if you follow a wholesome diet but prepared with TLC. God gave us this body to take good care of it and do the things that are you are supposed to do for the purpose of your existence for your own soul. Be a good steward and show God that you care!



At least I'm not the only 1, and I have been diagnose with gastritis...i will burp and fart almost 30min after every meal, that is so embarrassing, and the medication can't seem to help at all....