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Hi I am new here and need some advice about my problem. I am 112 lbs, 5'6" and I started muscle training in my gym mainly doing bench presses, pull downs and sit ups. I was getting good results and put on about 8 lbs in 2 or so months.

Then 7 weeks ago, on holiday when I was sitting down, I felt this really bad pain in my back on my right shoulder blade, very sore. Now I am not sure what caused this but I am pretty sure that I must have pulled a muscle a few days before in the gym. As this was in a different gym I was using a machine where you push out as far as you can stretch.

About 4 weeks later (3 weeks ago) the pain has also gone into 3 more areas: my front muscle just around my collar bone, half way down my arm and about an inch underneath my arm pit, almost like a ring around. My back shoulder blade doesn't hurt as bad as it did 7 weeks ago.

I then went to see a chiropractor and she said its a pulled muscle and I need to ice pack it everyday, get someone to massage it and do an exercise in which I roll a towel up, lay it on my bed and lie on it so it runs up and down my back, which should help push out my chest. She said I have bad posture and hunch forward which makes my shoulder blade muscles weak and caused this problem. She then said it needs to be worked on, so I let her massage my back and press on the area, boy did it hurt bad after.

5 days later the pain lifted a little back to the way it was and then got worse, so I returned to her last week and she worked on it again this time pushing under hard my arm pit and my back. And now it still is really hurting and I don't know what to do anymore... I am not sure if this is working as all it does it make it worse for a few days then reverts back to the normal level of pain.

It hurts the most if I move my arm back and touch my back side and bring my arm forward again and when I shrug my shoulders like saying "I dunno"

I am in really bad pain, it hurts so much and is really really depressing me lately as I can't do anything. I need to be able to drive again and start training in the gym as I have lost all the muscle that I put on before

Please please can anyone help, am I right in what I am doing? Is there anything else I can do as I don't fully understand it.

Thank you.


I have something similar, my physical therapist thinks the problem is coming from my neck ... you might want to also try some sort of decompression between neck and upper back. I injured my scapula, right shoulder blade doing heavy lifting.


hi there,

i have the exact same problem. i woke up one day with the muscle right under my shoulder blade hurting. it felt like what i could describe to be a "slipped disc". it hurt to breath in deeply, hurts to lift my arm in certain positions. it hurt for a few days, then it started to feel way better, almost back to normal, but then i woke up again with it hurting terribly bad. i am a college student, so naturally i dont have money to see the chiropractor or therapist, but im dealing with the pain day to day and its terrible. if you find out any info, please contact me. thank you!


I am 16 yrs, female, weigh around 100 and i am 5'6. I live on a farm and my month old calf who already weighs 100lbs, wouldnt get up this morning. because i had stuff in my left hand i took my right hand and tried lifting on this calf. there was a little pulling feeling in my shoulder, and i didnt think anything of it. when i left for school, the pain was hardly there. my boyfriend, decided to give me a hug and squeeze me as if he was trying to crack my back, after that the pain gradually got worse. it hurts to breath, and to touch my back. ive tried to pop it out, then back in, and that didnt help. im not sure what i did. so if you find anything out, please contact me. i know where you are coming from when you talk about the pain, it does hurt. thanks


I have a problem a little like that! I am 14 and a gymnast. I strained my right muscle under my shoulder blade (scapula) by landing wrong doing a tumbling pass on floor. I just felt a shock go through my back and I was fine the next day. As I started to work out more it started to hurt again. When I reached down to pick up a weight off the floor I felt the muscle pull and I was in tears. The next day I could barely move and it hurt to breath. So, I went to a doctor and they said that I strained my muscle under the scapula. He also gave me x-rays to make sure I didn't have an abnormal growth under my scapula, which he said was quite common. I think you guys might have this and you should visit a doctor immediately. Stop visiting chiropractors and physical therapy... they dont know as much as a doctor!!! They said I should just ice it and take anti-inflamitories. You can try this, but I don't know if it will work for you guys. He said I should be off it for at the most 6 weeks. So if it's taking longer than that... go to a doctor!!!!! Good luck.


im new here but im the same positions with my right shoulder i know where u all r coming from it hurts terribly, i have had x ray after x ray and they cant find anything i was told today that my symptoms sould like i have torn a muscle most likely my scapula so i am going 2 have an mri done 2 see it is, if anybody finds out anything please let me know ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** private e-mails not allowed **
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Use bengay in the tube. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and had the same pain as you - neck, underneath arm pit and down the arm. I could barely move because the pain was so bad and the pain made me sick to my stomach. I swear by by bengay. I hope this will give you some relief.


Holy cow, I have no idea what I just did to my back, but it hurts really bad. I'm 16 years old, 5 ft tall and weight about 110 pounds. I have been told that back problems run in my faimly. I was sittng here on the computer about 10 minutes ago filling out SAT stuff, when all the sudden I get this huge cramp on my right shoulder blade. It felt like I pulled something, like when you turn your head too soon and you pull your neck and you can feel fluid adn stuff. Anyways, it hurt so bad, and I kind of freaked out and quickly pulled my arm into my body. The pain happened again and brought tears to my eyes. I slowly got out of my chair and walked over to my mom to tell her about the horrible pain. As I was trying to explain just how bad it felt, I moved my left arm and the pain happened again and I practically screamed out loud.
I dont do any sports and I haven't had any injury that could have caused this. Im not sure if I may have slept wrong on my arms or something. During lunch today at school, I put my backpack on my right arm and felt like some one was stabbing me in the chest. My friend had to carry my things to class for me, due to the amount of pain I was experiencing. I have random back cramp/pains all the time. My dad says that I need to go to the chiropractor.


look up PARSONAGE TURNER SYNDROME or brachial plexus neuropathy


Did you fix the problem? When my lung burst that was how it felt.


twenty years ago now it's been since I damaged my right back shoulder muscle and herniated two discs at T6 7 area.  The herniations are small so doctors say not to operate. But the muscle or muscles are like a rock hard stone and like when I get a massage the muscle just 'jumps" over my scapula instead of relaxing. and at night especially i wake and feel the blood in the vein getting squeezed and thumping with my heart. but this thumping is at T6 right side muscle.

It also pulls my scapula towards my spine,./;constantly. My right scapula is a half inch closer to my spine now.

I have been or become the thing I detested when I was younger. I never took pain pills before getting hurt and now that is all the MD's will do for me.

And only to a point.

What pisses me off is that it is not "FIXING" the problem with me.

And no doctor ever sticks with you until there is a exact diagnosis and healing etc. Like all the nice hospital websites and their credo's state.

Jefferson Hosp in Phila was the last neurosurgeon which told me " a operation is not for you". and that was it. No do this or we will work on this etc.

Then again I do not have tons of money and /or a large law suit or insurance etc Which the lawyer and MD's get rich off of in USA.

See today I also cannot walk because of my lower back S1 area being herniated about five years ago. This doctor at Jefferson... I said "well you won't operate on my thorasic , what about my lower back? won't you help me to be able to walk again?"  The Ratcliff said back "what you walk fine" etc.

excuses to just get me out the door. wtf he got paid.


I could get laser surgury. Well it's all laser surgury these days. But you got to have the money. IN the United States of America anyway.

I don't know how much it costs. You may have seen the websites for this. They hold "conferences" at hotels etc. Like they are selling Amway.


OK I will not rant anymore now .


To all you posters./. alot of you seem young. I was in my prime and in athletic shape when I got hurt. I was twenty eight. So I've lived in twenty four seven pain for longer than my "adult" life.

Well to you all. I can tell you wht  I wish I knew then when I got hurt that I know now. see I only went to the MD when I was sick before this.

First thing is don't even begin to take any opiate or etc drugs. It is the first thing doctors do . they get you hooked on these drugs which are refined forms of herion, then they just cut you off when they feel their medical liciense is in risk.

They send you to PT. Which in my case just makes it hurt more. remember I was an athlete when hurt so I needed no TENS units. Which is one of the first PT places did to me. I never knew so I let them do it and it just made it worse.

Asprin is good for headaches and may help. Ibu /.Motrin medications may help also.

But "fixing" or "healing" by surgury etc. is really the only solution.

and unless you are a star or in some way able to pay for it or etc. MD's won't work with you untill you are "fixed".


There are two ways to take the pain away:

Fix the issue causing pain. like the muscle tear etc.

Take herion based opiate drugs which do not treat the area but make your brain just not able to FEEL it. and well you can't feel everywhere not just the spot which is injured. because they get you high. they do not stop the pain or the area from sending pain messages to your brain via nerves.

So to end.

i am here because I am at the end of mine.

I am dealing with "should I or is it really worth it to live for another twenty years. knowing i will be in this pain prison.

Maybe becoming an alcolholic . lol I dont like to drink at all. but it's cheap and legal and no doctor bills or prescriptions etc. But alcohol is such

a poison. imo herion is better for you health. or oxycotin etc. whatever the drug companies are calling herion these days.

(see Bayer pharmacuticals back in the thirty's created and sold Herion. Came in a little bottle with a cork. lol) chk the wiki..


I have another appt. monday with a Orthopedic surgeon. It has to be a dozen surgeons now Ive seen. and dozens of doctors.

I always hope for the best. reason im still here...., but they will most likely at most refer me to the pain center or PT.

Like they are told to do in the "Risk Management" part of Medical school. no joke.

I don't know where everyone eles is but in the United States of America , everything, EVERYTHING is a business. Especially medicine.

Medicine is a very big one. and Doctors are business ppl. who like a Bookstore owner they, Lease space for their practice. Like the hospital.

They pay rent to have the office in them. They work with attorneys. though common knowledge, will deny this cause it's unethical and etc.

They bill insurance companies and only "See"  a "Customer" after the assurance of being paid. Well paid.

and lk I state always the best pay for them is from a "Personal Injury" case.


It is a bad system imo. Lower class ppl get c**p  and really no CARE in the HealthCare world.

Just watched the film" the hangover part two". in it one gets shot in the shoulder. and pays only eight dollars to get eight stiches.

In the USA this would cost over a thousand easy.


I cant write/type anymore now today. too much pain.

but I will answer uyou honestly if you have a ? and I know the answer cause  I already done it. I will tell u.






Ok so yesterday i was skateboarding and i fell on my left shoulder. Now there is pain below my shoulderblade and i cant move my arm in certain positions. I dont know what to do. so any advice would helpp :) THANK  YOU


Hi,I am 17 years of age and I have a sharp pain in my left shoulder blade. I can't lean forward,sit up,or reach to sit something down without feeling pain. When my shoulder blade starts to hurt,I get an additional sharp pain the spinal region just between the two shoulder blades. Is there anything I can do that can ease the pain?? 


i have them same problem but i dont know how i pulled my muscle and it hurts alot i've had the pain for 2 weeks now and it keeps getting worser and worser


hello guest you might have a broken rib sounds like it not no experts but just saying or your shoulder balde is dislodged could do some damge but not no expert just sayingv views and main dude same thing shoulder out of place